Elastotec - for rough conditions

Elastotec - for rough conditions -


Crawler excavators, bulldozers, mining excavators, snowcats, passenger trains, wind turbines or roller coasters – Gobi desert or Antarctic – regardless of the environment and industry that your technology moves in, we will support you on even the toughest assignments with our elastomer technology and chain tensioning systems.

As a market leader, we can safely say that we know our business inside out because we have been in the market with our innovative products for more than 30 years.As a result of our activities in research and development, we have constantly improved the function of our products with new innovations.


Who we are:

Our company was established in 1988. Manfred Endrich took over the company from its founding father Karlheinz Menkhoff in 1997 and continued to develop the product portfolio. With up to 150 employees, he implemented the special requirements of the construction machinery and other industries.  Today, the company focuses on elastomer chain tensioning systems that are used by renowned customers worldwide. In future, our company will focus on systematically developing the corporate culture and new production technologies. We are confident about the unique function of our safe technology. See it for yourself.Need more information? Just get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We churn out elastomer chain tensioners for you and distribute them worldwide

Your advantage:

  • Elastotec engineering
  •  In-house production and assembly
  • 100% check (test rig)
  •  Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015