We dampen your spring problems with Elastotec chain tensioners


Elastotec chain tensioners offer outstanding advantages in comparison to other chain tensioning systems:

  • Significantly smaller installation dimensions with the same or greater forces
  • Considerably longer service life of all drive components through soft and cushioned piston return
  • Consistent spring and cushioning properties without fatigue or wear
  • Integrated tension regulation cylinder
  • Maintenance-free
  • Corrosion protection by means of special heat treatment incorporated into the surface.
  • Use of materials of the highest grade and quality

Elastotec chain tensioning systems are based on the use of highly compressible elastomer which has the property under hydrostatic pressure to act as a spring and damper. This medium is extremely resistant to ageing and also retains its advantageous properties when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Standard elastomer chain tensioners have an integrated tension regulation cylinder. This enables the extremely compact installation of the tensioning system. Applications which require a flat characteristic curve for the spring between the starting and blocking force (fully retracted piston) are possible with elastomer tensioners.


Elastotec chain tensioning systems are accident-proof.

Explosive relaxation, which repeatedly occurs as the result of the improper handling of worn steel spring or nitrogen tensioning packages, do not occur due to the physical properties of the elastomer.

Elastomer chain tensioning systems are completely unproblematic with respect to their transport and storage.

The medium used is environmentally compatible and safe to handle.

We will be pleased to provide you with a safety data sheet upon request.