Less wear with ELASTOTEC®

When performing measurements on chassis, we have repeatedly found that chains are often not correctly pretensioned, which has a negative effect on wear and tear and the service life of the drive components. These negative influences often cause damage to gearboxes and drive components.

For this reason we recommend "ELASTOTEC® safety valves"

  • They are maintenance-free and can be mounted within minutes
  • They are compatible with almost all common chain tensioners
  • They reduce repair-related downtimes
  • Factory settings of the pressure stages based on your machine configuration

The multi-function valve patented by ELASTOTEC® combines these advantages with environmental friendliness and simple handling through the following properties:

  • direct measurement of the preload force by means of a manometer on the measuring coupling possible at all times
  • integrated grease flow regulation to avoid overfilling
  • environmentally friendly quick-closing property to avoid the leaking of large quantities of grease in the case of an accident
  • optimum operator access through 360° rotatability of the pressure stages
  • Can be installed with standard tools. (Spanner SW 22, SW 24; socket SW 19 )