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Our chain tensioning systems are based on the use of highly compressible elastomers. These are very resistant to aging and retain their advantageous properties in our spring and damping elements over a wide temperature range.

The standard elastomer chain tensioners have an integrated tensioning cylinder, which enables extremely compact installation dimensions. Even applications that require a flat spring characteristic between initial and blocking force can be realized with our chain tensioning systems.

Chain tensioning systems from Elastotec prevent accidents: due to the design of our systems and the physical properties of the elastomers used, an explosive relaxation, which can occur when steel spring or nitrogen tension assemblies are worn out, is impossible. Elastomer chain tensioning systems are also unproblematic in terms of transport and storage. Because the elastomers used are environmentally friendly and safe to handle.


Our elastomer chain tensioners offer you decisive advantages compared to alternative systems:

  • significantly smaller installation dimensions with the same or greater force absorption

  • increased service life of all running gear parts thanks to dampened idler wheel reset

  • consistent spring and damping characteristics – minimized fatigue and wear

  • integrated tensioning cylinder

  • maintenance-free and corrosion-protected system

  • production, assembly, and quality control at our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified site

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